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The leading and trusted Tiles, Stone, Porcelain Slabs, Mosaics & Sanitary Wares provider in Malaysia (Johor, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Seremban, Klang, Sarawak), not only do we have our retail showrooms at the nationwide location, we also have strong wholesale partner network in other states like Melaka, Penang, Terengganu, Pahang, Kedah, Kelantan, and Sabah.

Making dream homes come true since 1990

Incorporated in 1990, Jubin BMS is the leading tiles, stone, porcelain slabs, mosaics, and sanitary wares provider/retailer in Malaysia that has been making dream homes come true with our extensive range of products catering to different segments and requirements as well as sincere services.

Curated globally, Jubin BMS’s collection includes 
porcelain tiles, ceramic wall tiles, natural stones, mosaic, wood tiles, large format porcelain slabs, sanitary wares, fittings and accessories. Our aim is to provide the best quality products with professional services and an exciting yet customer-centric retail shopping experience. With our strong sourcing and abundant distribution network converged over the years, we have been the exclusive distributor of many world-class brands such as Cotto, Fima Carlo Fratinni, Steinberg, and Times Ceramica, therefore allowing us to offer cutting-edge leading products at favourably secured premiums.

We also R&D and globally source our products to produce our HOUSE Brand, 
BMS Porcelain, Eurano Bathroom Solutions, Moderica Surface, Brelife Coverings and Marmo Grande, which allow us to offer a wide range of superior quality porcelain tiles, decorative tiles, large format porcelain slabs, sanitary wares, bathroom fittings and accessories catering to different scale of projects and design requirements.

Mission Statement
Making dream home come true with a wide range of quality products and sincere services.
Jubin BMS, your trusted tiles & sanitary wares provider

Our Vision

To be Malaysia’s leading and most trusted tiles, stone & sanitary wares provider at a nationwide location with the best showroom experience.

We strive with the ideals of ’Making Your Dream Home Come True’ by developing and providing the best quality products worldwide and providing a service and solutions at the highest of standards. We offer a wide variety of products ranging from affordable to premium to fulfil our customers’ needs. It is also our commitment to redefining the industry by envisioning trendsetting ideas and creating a retail-shopping experience like no other.

The Jubin BMS Retail Showroom Experience

Developing upon our reputation as a leading provider/retailer of tiles, stone, mosaics, sanitary wares and accessories, our showrooms aspires to be your 'trusted choice'. We create a platform of detailed modern mock-ups with innovations to inspire and trend set concepts.
Over the years we have expanded our HQ retail 
showroom in Johor Bahru to about 7000m² and Klang Valley Showroom in KL Kepong and Selangor Klang to nearly 2000m². All showrooms include a large variety of 3D mock-ups, showcasing the latest design ideas and inspirations for the convenience of our customers. Additionally, our 50000m² nationwide warehouses carry a sizeable inventory to ensure logistical efficiency and productivity.

Malaysia’s Largest Tiles & Sanitary Wares Showroom

Some Highlights of Our Products Range:

BMS Porcelain

Offering a full & wide range of the highest quality porcelain products. Our OEM brand offers products such as the bathroom, kitchen, and tiles installations at affordable prices catering to both the residential and commercial segments.

Eurano Kitchen & Bathroom Products

Specialising in customised design solutions to all kinds of bathrooms and kitchens with a high emphasis on high quality, practical design and ease of use. Besides that, we provide our customers a one-stop, all-in-one installation convenience where everything is covered: once the purchase decision has been made, everything will be taken care of – from product delivery till the installation process has been completed without having to employ a third party supplier.

Marmo Grande

Marmo Grande is an extra-large format porcelain-based surface covering material.
Created with cutting edge 100% Italian engineering production, this material offers natural aesthetics, extra-large format, versatility for designs and superior physical performance.
Not only does it allow a seamless look with fewer joints, but the material also possesses high physical strength, high resistance to scratches, heat, UV, and stain.
It is the perfect surface covering material that offers a combination of many advantages and endless possibilities to the world of design.

Moderica Surfaces

Moderica Surfaces focus on decorative and exquisitely crafted specialty, with uniqueness and joyful design in mind, in Moderica we seek possibilities to Add a Touch of Difference into your design space. 

With strong floral elements add into the design, it can be the most eye-catching area in your home. Let one of your home's corner stand out in the whole interior design.

Gathered a collection of colourful tiles with peranakan style design. Apply it in indoor flooring or wall to create ''Nanyang Style'' for your area. 

Tiles with texture surface let your space becomes unique and difference. It is perfecet for wall application.

Anti-slip R11 tiles let yout feet safe in your home space. It add a unique touch to your regulat tiles sizes.

Architectural crafted products where differentiate your space from other. Gather a collection of products which are ventilated brick made by hand-dippling glaze and fired at high temepratures. MUSE series make people's eyes light up when seeing it.

Brelife Coverings

Brelife Covering is a collection under JUBIN BMS that specializes in surface covering materials. With the use of Brelife Coverings, it provides an alternative option for those looking for an easier, faster, and cleaner solution. Under this collection, we have several range of products, including PHOMI Econic Clay, Medallion LVT, SPC standard & pro, COTTO LT wall decor, and others.

PHOMI Econic Clay is an unique and innovative architectural material made of natural mineral resources, primarily clay, and processed with advanced technology. It is also widely known as MCM. PHOMI products are highly eco-friendly, lightweight yet durable, and can be used in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, including decor walls, facade walls, floors, and ceilings.

SPC flooring, known as Stone Plastic Composite, is mainly used for quick and easy interior floor covering. The main components of SPC flooring are natural calcium carbonate powder, high molecular weight polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizers, which are combined in certain proportions to provide a very stable composite material.

MLVT, also known as Medallion Luxury Vinyl Tiles, is mainly used for indoor floor covering. The main component of MLVT is 100% virgin PVC, and it is designed to replicate hard surface flooring materials such as stone or wood yet giving a very superior barefoot touch.


Offering a variety of beautifully designed ceramic and porcelain tiles with exceptional surface texture to enhance the mood of your home deco, COTTO has developed a new high tech “Touchable 3D digital print technology” which enables its users to fully experience and appreciate the intricate design aesthetics while maintaining the high quality of their products. COTTO tiles are also well known for their porcelain mosaics and R11 care anti slips product.

COTTO Sanitary Ware & Fittings

COTTO’s innovative range of sanitary ware & fittings includes installation for kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and shower areas. The entire range of products is designed to be elegant and distinct to appeal to the sense while maintaining their practicality and durability. As with all COTTO's products, there are designed to be eco-friendly and to provide the right solution while meeting the highest standards.



Largest Tiles and Sanitary Wares Showroom In Malaysia
Pusat Jubin dan Kelengkapan Bilik Air Terbesar

Most Tiles Design by a Retailer In Malaysia
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